Welcome to the home of WinModbus.

Test and simulate modbus links from Windows with our Winmodbus simulators.

  • Get up and running in seconds. Easy and painless usage.
  • Automatic descriptive field-by-field breakdown of each message
  • Build your address map directly from messages
  • Read/Write modbus data from Excel, etc. via DDE.
  • NEW: Winmodbus Master now allows reading/writing modbus data from webpages.
  • Based on years of modbus experience

Simple Windows Desktop Apps supporting Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 and associated Windows Servers.

Buy the slave and master simulators individually or get them both together for a much reduced price. (If you already have one and want to purchase the other, let us know and we can offer you a reduced price)

When you buy one of our apps, this entitles you to upgrade to all future versions of that app at no extra cost.