Welcome to the new home of the WinModbus Simulators.

The first version of WinModbus, our modbus slave simulator, was released in March 2012 and has been in continuous development ever since.

If you need to test your modbus links or simulate modbus devices from Windows, our Winmodbus simulators are for you.

Based on years of modbus experience, they have been written to make modbus testing and simulation as easy and painless as possible. Get up and running in seconds, build your address map directly from the messages as they appear, see a field by field breakdown of each message and more.

The WinModbus simulators are everything you need to make developing and testing your modbus links as quick and easy as possible.

WinModbus is a Windows Desktop app and supports Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 and associated Windows Servers.

You can buy our slave and master simulators individually or get them both together for a much reduced price.

If you have already purchased WinModbus before 01/01/2022 and wish to buy WinModbus Master, just drop us an email at winmodbus@abbeytek.com and we'll be happy to offer you a reduced price.